Mission Statement, School Song, School Creed

Wilburton Public Schools Mission Statement:

Striding with the purpose of obtaining a complete education which will take our students through the gateway of tomorrow.  STRIDE WITH A PURPOSE!!

School Song

Faithful and true-hearted, let us
    boost for our old high
We revere and defend her, and her
    colors proudly fly.
We will stand for her united, and
    her deeds we’ll gladly tell;
Her colors streaming, glad faces
So here’s a cheer for her that we
    all love so well.

Joyous and ever loyal, let us boost
    for our old high;
Let every heart sing, let every
    voice ring;
There’s no time to grieve or sigh.
It’s ever onward, our course
May defeat ne’er her honors cool;
So united we will boost for her,
   our old high school.

Honors she has taken on the track
   and with the ball;
May she always stand the highest
   and her colors never fall.
There’s no other that can match
   her when her team is on the field:
Her boys the fleetest, her girls the
So here’s a cheer for her that we
    all love so well.

School Creed

I believe in Wilburton Schools and in the things for which each stands: health in body, honest work, generous comradeship, and reverence for the spiritual.

I believe in achievement and I pray for forcefulness to accomplish what I set out to do.  I believe in loyalty to my school and its traditions.  I pledge, upon my honor, to help in all its understanding.  I will strive in every way to make it a stronger and nobler school.