Press Release




                                                PRESS RELEASE

  February 7, 2019

Earlier today prior to the start of classes at Wilburton Elementary School our school and community suffered a great tragedy. A third grade student suffered a medical emergency that came on suddenly and without warning. Despite immediate help from school personnel and EMS the student has passed away at a local hospital. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the student’s family and friends.

Everyone at the Wilburton Public Schools is heartbroken by this loss of one of our cherished students.  Please keep the student’s family and our students and staff in your thoughts and prayers as we all work to understand and deal with this tragic loss.

Wilburton Public Schools will be working to provide grief counseling to our students and staff and ask that you pay particular attention to the needs of your loved ones at this difficult time. If you believe that we at Wilburton Public Schools can be of assistance to you please contact us.

We will provide no additional information or comment at this time. Please respect the family and their privacy while they grieve their loss.