Wilburton places 2nd in National Get Schooled Competition (Wins $1500)

Wilburton High School placed 2nd Nationally and 1st in our region in the Get Schooled competition.  As a result the High School will receive $1500.  "These wins gave us $1500 to do things with our students." Carmen Harkins - High School counselor and Coordinator of the Get Schooled program.

Get Schooled was founded five years ago through a partnership with Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Through Get Schooled, young people will find:

  • Tips for succeeding in high school, including text wake up calls, selecting classes or even navigating homecoming
  • Games that teach everything from refresher math to college application tips
  • An easily searchable database of scholarships
  • Tools to find a job that will help pay for college
  • Tools to explore college options
  • Real-live help through text on everything from questions about SAT scores to FAFSA to filling out a job application