Mrs. Goddard's 'Nspired' Algebra I students

Mrs. Goddard's Algebra I students are using TI Nspire CX Graphing calculators and a CBR2 (sonic motion detector) to learn about the relationship between two variables and the related graph.  The CBR2 sends data to the calculator and the calculator graphs the distance from and object over time.  The students were given specific tasks to experiment and get the desired graph on the calculator.  The Nspire calculators and the CBR2's were provided to Wilburton High School by EOSC Gear Up and Texas Instruments.

The Nspire calculators also have wifi connectivity to Mrs. Goddard's computer which allows her to send and receive questions and answers to each student's calculator and anonymously display all answers to the class for discussion.  An individual calculator can also be displayed for the whole class to see as on the day of the CBR2 activity.