Did you know? 3 Important Digger Website Tips (with a bonus )

1.  Did you know that by clicking on the Amazon logo on our website, 4% of all your purchases will help your school?  There is no additional charge to your order, as partners in Education, Amazon provides us with store credit that we use to buy toner and classroom supplies.  (Similar to Boxtops for Education).  Remember this Christmas to click on the Amazon logo on our site before you get those big ticket items.

2.  Did you know that you can check your child's lunch bill from the Parent Portal?  Click on "Summary" and it will be displayed at the top left.  You can also click on the number to see what days your child ate.

3.  Did you know that you can see each individual assignment score that your student has?  Click on "Summary" and then click the blue score, in this case "A/97(est)".  You will then see a detailed breakdown of every assignment your student had in that class and how the final score has been calculated.  You can also use this to see if your student is missing any assignments.

(Bonus Tip)

Did you know that all of the school Events are on our Google Calendar?  From the Calendar Link in the Menu Bar or by scrolling down on the homepage you will find all of our athletics schedules, fine arts activities, academic team schedules, when school is out, etc.