In case you missed it... (Three Cheers for Performing Arts!)

In the Thursday May 21, 2015 Latimer County News-Tribune contained the following letter to the editor:

"Dear Editor:

Three Cheers for Performing Arts!

As parents of students at Wilburton, we would like to commend the Performing Arts program here.  It is so refreshing to have such exciting teachers improving the lives of our students!  One can really tell that these teachers are unified, dedicated, and committed to one goal which is improving performing arts here in Wilburton.  This excitement begins in the grade school and continues into the high school.  Mrs. Fazekas is the elementary music and vocal teacher.  Her pgrograms all year have been upbeat & exciting!  Her students have thoroughly enjoyed performing for her.  Mr. Littlejohn, the band teachers, has started 4th grade band, and these kid have excelled at it.  He is one of the very few teachers in the state who is courageous enough to start this early.  Ms. Reinhardt is doing an excellent job with the middle school and high school vocal program.  Our family has attended her concerts, and she has her students performing beautifully.  Mrs. Davis, the high school speech & drama teacher, has done very well recently in the state contests with her students.  This letter is just an encouragement to these teachers and the students to keep on performing and uplifting the community.

Summer Cates"