WHS Speech wins 1st Place Sweepstakes Trophy!

Jullian Curran Received 1st place in Humours Interpretation and 1st place in Poetry.  2nd place in Poetry went to Kim Wood.  3rd place in Humorous Duet went to Jillian Curran and Garrett Negan.

In Original Oratory 3rd place went to Cali Baughman.  Receiving 3rd place in Prose was Gloria Evans and 3rd place in Dramatic Interpretation went to Journey Dees-West.  

In the Champs division of Poetry, Ashley Rosa received 3rd place and in Dramatic Interpretation Leila Aaron took 3rd place.  Ashley Rosa and Kim Wood placed 3rd in Dramatic duet.

It was a great day for the WHS Speech Team.  The team will travel to Seminole High School next Saturday for competition.