The Old Man's Eyes - Joyce (Hokit) Varnell - Class of 1968

The Old Man's Eyes

The young man stands proud and tall
"America won't take this, we'll
destroy them all."
The old man stands proud and small
"America won't take this, we'll
destroy them all."

What's the difference you ask
between the young and the old
Their faces are stoic
their demeanor cold.

They both are proud of the country
they love.
They are thankful and grateful
to their God above.

Look closely, and the difference
is plain to see.
It's reflected in their eyes
they're as different as can be.

The young man's eyes show
determination and glare.
The old man's eyes are determined
but there's sorrow brimming there.

The young man knows what
needs to be done.
The old man's sorrow comes
from already carrying a gun.

The young man says
"I'll pay the cost."
The old man remembers
friends that he lost.

The young man knows with his head
people will have to die.
The old man knows with his heart
and thinks of graves where they lie.

So look closely young man
at the old man's eyes.
There you will see where
his past and your future lies.


Written by:
Joyce (Hokit) Varnell
WHS Class of 1968

In honor of her brothers Bobby and Kenny Hokit