Wilburton Aviation Program / STEM Club

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission approved an education grant for the Wilburton STEM Club program. The program aims to introduce students 6th-12th grade to careers in aviation and provide a foundation to expand upon. Students meet weekly after school for 20 weeks to use a flight simulator to learn the basics of flight, cockpit instrumentation, navigation and basic radio use. It was estimated that 350 students would be involved in this program. The requested amount was $3,569; staff recommendation was for $3,200.

“Aviation has always been a passion of mine. I want to make sure all students know that a career in aviation is attainable, rewarding, and a defining part of Oklahoma history. Through this program students will learn about the basics of flight and receive information on scholarships, college paths, and personal experiences of those in the aviation community.” - Mr. Messex, Aviation Program Instructor, IT Director