Middle School English Supply List (6th, 7th, 8th)

1 - 3 Subject Notebook
Colored Pens
Dry Erase Marker
Choose ONE:  Klennex, Germ Gel, Clorox Wipes, Copy Paper

Middle School Math Grades 6,7 and 8 Supply List

1-3-Ring Binder(1 1/2 inch) 
2-Red Pens
1-Pocket Folder
1-Box of Tissue (Boys)
1-Package of Paper Towels (Girls)
1-Book Cover
1-Spiral Notebook (Single Subject)
1-Package of Loose Leaf Paper
1-Package of Pencils

8th Grade Science Supply List (In addition to above)

1-Box of Tissue
1-Package of 3x5 Index Cards(50)
1-Package of Colored Pencils(12)
1-Package of Pencils(12)
1-Package of Glue Sticks (2+)

8th grade US History supply list:

1-1in binder
1 -Ream of copy paper (Boys)
1 - Package of lined paper (Girls)
1 - package of #2 pencils

6th grade World Studies supply list:

1- 1in binder
1- 2 pocket folder
1 - roll of paper towels (Boys)
1 - package of dry erase markers (Girls)
1 - box of Kleenex tissue, 1 package colored pencils


All English Classes - Required:  Single Subject Notebook, pen or pencil.
(Optional but very much appreciated) Box of kleenexes, ream of paper

Teacher Specific Supply lists beyond above:

Mrs. Goddard's Algebra I

1 - 1inch or 2inch 3 ring binder
300 Sheets Lined filler paper
1 small spiral notebook
Graph Paper
1 paper bag from Roy's Grocery Store
*Helpful but not necessary:  dividers, TI-30XS Calculator (About $13 at Walmart)

Mrs. Rymer Algebra II and Geometry

1 - 2 inch 3-ring binder
1 - pkg  Graph Paper

2 - pkg of 50 pg filler paper
1 - pkg of red ink pens
1 - pkg 10-12 count pencils
1 - pkg 5-tab dividers
1 - 3 subject notebook