From the Superintendent's Desk May 6, 2019

From the Superintendent’s Desk

May 2019


Dear Wilburton Students, Staff and Community Members: 

I would like to share a few final thoughts as we wrap up our 2018-19 school year. 

On Wednesday, May 8 as our last buses complete their routes and have safely transported our students home one final time for this year, we mark the official close to 2018-19. Another year over and a new one already in the making. Each year brings its challenges, and I know our work never gets easier. Worry seems to be so prevalent in our world and in our vocation, and yet we should never forget to celebrate the success of closing out another year. Yes, it's time to breathe and celebrate for good reason, and it's time to relax and reset so our mission can live on. 

It seems as the years pass, we have to work harder to get beyond the unfortunate negativity that permeates our lives. In reality, I believe we lose touch with the common ground we all share as human beings. As parents, students, educators and community members, despite the differences in our world, we are all on a mission to lead happy and productive lives. As true advocates for children, we must try to find the good in every situation, and we can never allow our spirit to suffer. A negative mind that criticizes everyone and everything will never yield a positive life. We choose what it is we wish to perpetuate. I hope we choose to be positive. 

I am reminded often of how fortunate I am to spend my days working and advocating for our youth, knowing they will eventually inherit this world and do their part to leave it a better place for a future generation.

Thanks for your efforts and your positive energy, and thanks to all our students for inspiring us to return and do our work every day each year. A sincere thanks to everyone for allowing me to be your superintendent.

Have an enjoyable summer. When August comes, let's be ready to share in the excitement of yet another year forward. Good luck to our graduating seniors. Stay kind, be yourself, and make good choices. Our world can be a better place because of you! 

With much appreciation,                                                                                             

Dr. Butler

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”              

Helen Keller