From the Superintendent's Desk 1/5/17

From the Superintendent’s Desk:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”   William H. Johnson

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.”  Abraham Lincoln

As we start the brand new year, 2017, I am reflecting on our soon-to-be graduates, one of our largest and brightest classes to ever graduate from Wilburton Public Schools.  Since the time they entered my life in the 6th grade, I have watched, listened, lectured, laughed, cried, demanded, applauded, and respected these young men and women. They have one semester left here with us, which as we all know will “fly by.”

The above two quotes have been my favorites since my senior year here at WHS, and I believe they are fitting in describing this class:  Ten 2 letter words penned by an American artist and nine words of inspiration from this country’s most noted statesmen for equality and freedom.

I believe that these young people know that they can accomplish whatever it is they decide to do! I believe that these young men and women have prepared themselves intellectually, physically, and emotionally to be “world changers.” I believe that these students understand the importance of competition, hurting from defeat, and celebrating a win. And, possibly most importantly, I believe that this class has been taught how to be respectful and appreciative for their opportunities and relationships. They have themselves, their families, their school, their churches, their friends, and their community to thank for this.  I believe that they will “thank us” by being happy, ambitious, and successful adults, for they have prepared and their chance is coming.

Seniors, make this last semester your most memorable and rewarding one ever and use this time to thank the ones that have helped you reach this major stepping stone of your life.

Love you,

Dr. Butler