A Monumental Month

From the Superintendent’s Desk:

April 2015 has been a monumental month for Wilburton Public Schools. We are so very grateful to our school district’s voters for passing a 9.5 million dollar bond to build a new elementary and to refurbish the elementary cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, now the work begins. We pledge to make this a centerpiece for elementary schools in Oklahoma.

Also in April, we celebrated on Easter weekend the 100th Anniversary of the Wilburton Alumni Association’s annual gathering.  Our congratulations go to President Mary Kendrick and her committees for a job well done.  Holding Saturday night’s banquet in our new high school gym seemed to be a successful and welcoming change.

In Oklahoma Public Schools, April also means testing. We are in full-fledged testing mode, and the early online results indicate excellent scores. Thank you to our students and parents for your desire and dedication to do your best. Thank you to our principals, teachers, and staff for working so diligently throughout the year to prepare our students for these examinations.

Additionally, April is the official start of our awards and banquets season. This is a special time where we get the opportunity to acknowledge and honor the successes of our students for the 2014-15 school year. Certainly, congratulations are in order at all three of our sites.

And finally in April, we start the last month of being together with our 64 graduating seniors. We hope it will be the best month of your lives so far. Enjoy and cherish every minute! Thank you for representing our school in such a fine manner. We will miss you next year.