Election Day - 2014

From the Superintendent’s Desk,

After tomorrow’s election, we will know who our new State Superintendent is: Dr. John Cox or Mrs. Joy Hofmeister. I have listened to both candidates several times. I consider both to be friends of mine. And most importantly, I consider both to be outstanding candidates and people. Each has a vision and commitment to Oklahoma Public Education and to more local district control.

As this long campaign comes to an end, I first want to say how thankful and proud I am of our school, parents, and community for becoming active and making a difference in changing our current leadership, taking a stand and speaking out, and for turning out to vote in the June primary.

Second, I want to urge our community to take one last look at both candidates. Many of their debates are posted on the internet. Decide which one you truly think would be the best one for US, for our school, our students, and our community. Then, please go and vote. A large voter turnout will let our politicians know that Public Education in Oklahoma is a force to be reckoned with. To me, this is not about what party we belong to, but about Wilburton Public Schools.

Please go to the polls and vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.