During this time of Thanksgiving, it is so heartwarming to walk (or rather roll) through our school halls and view the many different items of art, writings, and expressions of thankfulness produced by our students and employees. To me, thankfulness teaches respect and vice versa. And then through new experiences of these, we at any age can have wonderful learning opportunities.  Thus, lifelong learning becomes a part of us.

I would like to mention three of the many revelations I have learned this year by being thankful and respectful:

1.  I have learned what the line "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go" really means. Through the experience of becoming a grandmother for the first time and still realizing how much my own grandparents meant to me, new exciting emotions have invaded my heart.
2. I have learned through the experience of losing one of my most beloved mentors, Coach Sam Taylor who I gratefully respected my entire life, that truly I can make a lifelong difference with a young person or hopefully young people.
3. I have learned, that at any age by accepting new challenges and setting new goals with respectful appreciation, the importance of community for accountability is a MUST.

So this year at Thanksgiving time, I urge you to reflect on those people or experiences that you gratefully respected and to use that foundation to learn the true opportunities of a joyful life! May each of you have a fun and restful Thanksgiving break.

Dr. Butler