From the Superintendent's Desk October 8, 2019

From the Superintendent’s Desk

October 2019

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” – Lyndon Johnson 


Could there be anything more powerful than a strong group of teammates who lift you up when you need it the most? 


There is an absolute truth that every great work completed by an “individual” may give glory to a lionized man or woman; but without a doubt, there were teammates who encouraged them along the way. Even the teams given the greatest of titles will tell you that camaraderie and connectedness were the keys to their success, not the performance of one individual. A “team” can mean your work team, your family, your community or even a group or organization you are a part of. But no matter the structure, great teammates are needed for real success. I‘ve had some amazing teammates, and I’ve had some challenging ones. What does it take to be a Great Team?


5 Qualities of Being a Great Teammate


5. Know Your Teammates Well - All Players Have a Place When They Bring Value to the Team. How well do you know your teammates? Do you know their interests, strengths, and areas in most need of support? Great teams and teammates know each other well. 


4. Make Everyone Feel a Part of the Team Great Teams Have Great Depth. That means each and every one who is a part of your team has a role, but also an understanding and appreciation of their importance. Remember, if you are leading and no one is following….all you are doing is taking a walk! 


3. Hold Each Other Accountable Teammates must Count on Each other When it Counts. A single stick can be broken easily. A bundle of sticks bound together is near impossible to break. Without each other, you can be broken easily. The power of a team is that when bound together, you may bend but you will not break. 



2. Communicate with Each Other - Investing in Each other Pays Dividends. Never assume. When we assume, we make a … well, you know. It is so critical to talk. When we don’t talk, people make up their own communication - their is the story we all tell ourselves with no facts to back it up. Yet this leads us to conclusions which have no basis. 


We must talk to know, and must know to grow, and must grow to achieve! 


1. Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing The Goal is More Important than the Role. You cannot achieve greatness as a team, group, or family with only one player. It takes a team. As we lead, we must keep our vision, direction, and absolutes in the forefront of all we do. What is the main purpose of your team? Far too often we get distracted by all the “extras” around us and forget our ultimate purpose. 

Great teams don’t miss “the main thing,” and they never let the goal out of their sight. 


We can do amazing things when we have teammates who encourage us, lift us up, and believe in us. 


“Good Teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the we for the me.”  Phil Jackson


Happy October!!

Dr. Butler