Notice: Confirmed Exposure and Quarantine for WES 4th-grade boys Diggers Basketball Team

Wilburton Public Schools

December 10, 2020

Wilburton Public Schools (WPS) was notified this morning that a Whitefield Elementary School 4th-grade boys basketball player has tested positive for COVID-19.  This player participated in the game with our WES 4th-grade boys Digger Basketball team on Tuesday, December 8.  The player did not have symptoms before or during the game. Wilburton Public Schools has been in contact with the Oklahoma State Department of Health concerning this situation, and thirteen WES 4th-grade Digger Basketball Players have been quarantined.  WPS is advising all students and staff to stay home if they are sick, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have a COVID-19 test pending.  Please visit for more information concerning our COVID-19 guidance and safety protocols.


Dr. Trice Butler



Due to COVID-19 concerns and excessive student absences, Wilburton Public Schools will be closed for Thursday and Friday, January 13-14, 2022.   All school activities

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