From The Desk of Dr. Trice Butler

Superintendent, Wilburton Public Schools

April 2021 – Finishing Strong


“Every task, goal, race and year comes an end…therefore make it a habit to always FINISH STRONG.”
– Gary Ryan Blair

To say that this has been a very unusual year would be a HUGE understatement. On March 13, 2020, Wilburton Public Schools changed, as did every other school system in our country. Our students, employees, parents, and community members quickly realized how much we took for granted. At a moment’s notice, we heard school bells ring, but no students were entering classrooms. We were preparing meals, but the school cafeterias were closed. Buses were running, but there were no student riders—just meals being delivered. Basketball courts, baseball fields, track and field facilities, playgrounds, and shop buildings were all empty. Prom was cancelled, as was the senior trip, as was the Middle School graduation and dance, as were so many things that we just took for granted. We were able to have a limited high school graduation in June, but basically SCHOOL STOPPED.

Over the summer, in our many hours of planning for the 2020-21 school year, our overall goal was to do our very best at trying to make school as normal as possible in an abnormal year. To that end, WPS has offered three learning choices for our students: in-person, total virtual, and distance learning. We continued with all extra-curricular activities even though some were held in different ways than usual. All softball games, football games, and cross country meets were played, and our winter sports and activities continued. We are forging ahead with our spring activities, and our students are loving that effort. Has it been tough? Yes. Is it getting better? Yes, I think so! But, here is one thing I do know for certain.  As of this writing, Wilburton Public Schools has had 125 days of school, and only 16 of those days have been all-distance learning, with all the rest as in-person. That means we have had in-person learning for 88% of the school year. Thanks to our outstanding employees, students, parents, and community, we are succeeding in our goal. This year we will graduate a small class of 46 seniors. They have been a fun and exciting class to watch. They are multi-talented, bright, and goal-oriented. These young men and women have been our leaders during these unprecedented times.

Please continue to keep our school in your thoughts and prayers, as we do our best to finish this school year strong!

“I realize the secret to success is finishing! And not just finishing, but finishing strong!“
– Eric Thomas


Wishing each of you safety and good health,

Dr. Butler
Wilburton Public Schools